Wanderlustin’ Nature lovin’ Mama

Amigos, it’s been a crazy long time. I’m going to be posting some  recommendations for traveling with kids. Why? Because Knowledge is power, it takes a village, annnnd I wanna remember these things. 

Here’s a little intro/background for ya 👌

I live for my summers.

I am fortunate to have family in two amazing states, Michigan and Vermont. So every summer, I load up my car (albeit, school bus- Yukon XL) throw my babies in and head to Michigan for a few weeks and then to the mountains of Vermont for another few weeks. Slowly, as my kids get older (7yo/5yo/2yo) I am being able to widen my scope and explore beyond the lines of “visiting family” (love u family!) 

It’s getting better every year and I find myself savoring these moments that I know  will someday soon be a distant memory. 

So in the summers, I book it, for as many weeks as I can squeeze out of a summer.

My poor husband has no idea what to do with me as a spouse and has come to the realization (for which I adore him) that I am my best when I am able to explore, spend time in nature, and have time alone with my bear cubs, away from the painful realities of common core and schedules.

I feel obligated to say that, I am eternally grateful that I am able to have these years with my babes and when the “get a job” “you are a silly housewife and have no worth” monster crepes into my psyche, I look to my summers and yell, “f that!” These years/these summers…wouldn’t trade it for a thing (most days)

Me and the kids have a rhythm that works when we travel. Maybe it’s because I’ve been “road tripping” with them since they were born, or maybe they are following my lead and just being happy for the experience. 

Now don’t get me wrong, kids are kids and can be total turds. Even through my peace and harmony travel ways, they drive me loca,daily. My kids usually save up their best moves for public places and/or whilst around other people. Lucky people/lucky me. 
But when you’re surrounded by beautiful lakes, local breweries, and a plethora of exciting adventures, who cares how many people your two year old yells “Noooo!” too, or your 5 year old son moons someone, right?! Right???

Trust me, if you want to do, it’s yours for the taking. Get out there. Find a spot on a map, and get there. Get lost! (safely)

You might regret it, and curse me, but at least you’ll be wiser for it, and hopefully have some good stories.

On the flip side, you might find beauty, your kids may learn something, and you will experience something new, together. 

Coming Soon: A Nature Lovin Guide to traveling “Up North” with Kids