Done with pregnancy? Bring on the sideburns.

You think you’ve experienced it all.

The months of morning sickness, the weight gain, the exhaustion, the complete metamorphis of your body , childbirth, recovery from childbirth, breastfeeding… WOW, you are amazing! Go you!

And then a few months later, when you’re juuuussssttt starting to get your groove back. You notice something. 

You’re in one of your famous 2 minute showers washing your hair when you realize there’s a big clump of hair in your hand. If this is your first  you think, WTF is this?! And/or, like me, if you’ve been down this road before, you curse  yourself for not remembering this part; you curse your parents for bad pregnancy genes, and then you cry for that little ounce of self confidence you have left; for the end of your pregnancy mega-hair… this  part, the final chapter of your pregnancy experience, is happening. There’s no turning back.

For me, it’s always the same. I lose the mega-awesome-thickness and a whole bunch’a hair right around my face line, ear to ear. No hiding it.


Oh yea….my hairstylist LOVED the challenge of highlighting a semi-balding emotional wreck of a woman. 

But why?!?! 

In a nutshell ( or so I tell myself)

You have mega-awesome pregnancy hair when you’re pregnant because your body is clinging to every nutrient it has. When baby is evicted, your body gives all nutrients to baby through your breast milk and since you haven’t lost any hair in months, it makes up for it in the months after. In case you were curious, weightloss just make it worse…sigh… 

It’s like a big laughable mother lovin metaphor. You give it it all. Really. ALL. 

Hairspray and hats help, I guess.  I wish I could tell you a quick fix… Sorry, there aren’t any. Just time…and f’ing patience. 

Someday we’ll laugh about this.




Over and out.



and then there was you

It’s 10 o’clock the night before your 6th birthday. It’s taking every ounce of self restraint not to walk upstairs and cuddle you like a baby and tell you everything. Your story, our story, is epic. And someday, when you’re older, I will tell you everything. But not now, not tonight.

Every year, for the past 5 year, in the days before your Birthday I think about those crazy 9 months and how that one day, the day you came, changed my life.

I look back now and think about how unready I was, how unprepared… how I should have been more scared. And there were many (many) moments, when I was. But there was something about you from the very first time we thought about you. We knew that we already loved and wanted you.

anna prego
Pregnancy is not kind to me. With you I had preclampsia, gained 90 (yes, NINETY) pounds, had swollen hands and feet for 80% of the pregnancy, and was throwing up DAILY. It was brutal.

I keep looking at the clock, reliving the hours before your birth. 10:30pm at the hospital getting checked in to our room for induction. I had pre-clampsia when I was pregnant with you and that day I had gone to my 37week appointment, Daddy was there. The Doctor came in and told me that the protein count in my urine had tripled and that we should plan on checking into the hospital that day. It was a big shock! I was rushing around trying to get everything ready when I noticed Daddy sitting at his computer. “Cris, we don’t have time for this, we have to get everything packed!” He looked at me with fear in his eyes and said, “I have to order a filling cabinet, we have nothing to put her birth certificate in!” Everyone deals with fear differently 🙂

After a dramatic pregnancy, labor and delivery- you were here.

eliza infant


My first. My baby. My girl.

When you were born, my world, my entire being was transformed. I could never have imagined that it was ever possible to love someone so much.

eliza baby nyc

The first year of your life, we roamed the city. We would explore every inch of Manhattan. We would meander around Central Park for hours. I made my first group of “Mommy Friends” and experienced another level of friendship that was (is!) so essential and meaningful. Although we are no longer in NY, those NY Mamas will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart and are still some of my dearest friends.

We had a lotta fun little girl and I knew early on that you were special.

eliza mama beach

Eliza, you are amazing.

Being your Mama is an honor.

You are strong, clever, beautiful, and kind.

Eliza 2 1:2 Eliza 2

eliza riverelizaphoto-21eliza the engineer

I am so proud of who you are and who I see you becoming.

I will do my best to be there for you, to listen, to love, to let you explore, to encourage, to cherish the wild, to challenge when needed, and to help you stay true to who you really are.

Happy 6th Birthday my love.

eliza boat

We love you to infinity and beyond!

Eliza at wedding