My name is Anna.
I have found myself in this odd universe where I’ve mothered three little babies, became the owner of a giant white dog, married a tall, handsome and very sweet man, and now live in the weirdest/bluest/fixer-upper of a house in the suburbs of DC. Say wha?!
A reluctant SAHM (I flipping hate that acronym) My house has an endless array of scooters, strollers, and leftover school lunch items scattered across the front yard and I am often found ripping off wood paneling while pulling toddlers off each other and negotiating snack terms. Slightly obsessed with construction, electrical work, furniture makeovers, color, all things vintage, and, of course, wild projects… all while trying to hold on to any sense of self, and of course, losing the baby weight (again!)
Beyond Domestica: Searching for life beyond diapers, laundry, car-pooling, spouse and childrearing.

Join me as I became a cliche Mommy Blogger i.e.,  watch me figure out how to tackle the endless projects of my house, run an Etsy Shop, foster creativity, and figure out this wild road of Mamahood.

Chronicles of an uvy-groovy babymama – turned reluctant housewife –
turned builder-fixer-DIY’er rockstar…wannabe.