Melatonin Recap

I don’t have that much time.

The melatonin aided with the 2(3?) glasses of rando fridge wine is kicking in.

When the going got tough this summer (major debrief coming, someday) I would call it ‘The Anna Orbit of Bad Luck’

Doesn’t even make sense, whatever. Today was… somethin special.

I promise I had/have so many more dreams for this sacred minuscule space of worldwidewebgoodness, but wow this Orbit/comet (?) of 3 littles, babydaddy with long hours, and a big needy dog, is, ..somethin special.

Am I becoming one of those people, the one’s who complain all the time? F. I totally am. Positivity tomorrow, 100%.

Think about the media’s cringeworthy dissection of poor Hil Hil’s emails, maybe I’ll stay on this orbit.

I’m just going to give you a straight play by play of today.

When I was pregnant, I would obsessively google what life was like with 1 baby, what were babies like at 4 months (Vacation planning), what babies were like at 2 (more vacation planning), then of course, life with 2 babies, sibling everything, to this last go, ‘what is it like having 3 kids?’ Yes, I have googled these things, these are just the tip of the mother lovin iceburg. anyway, googling prego- this ones for you.

Yesterday, the first day of school was great, too great.

Last night, everyone was exhausted, and went to bed guns’a’blazing

I stayed up too late (obvi)

I finally head to bed, baby girl in bed, too lazy to move her. Head to the bunkroom where my 4 year old sleeps, scratch that, where my 4 year old snore’s vibrate the room like a loud vacuum sucking up a yowling dog, with an occasional night terror scream. You know, that one, the one where you jump out of bed an assume it’s the end. My beloved darling boy also sleeps with his eyes open, so that’s not terrifying or anything.

Wake up early, feeling like a good person, you know for waking up.

internal debate about Kid’s shoe situation while scanning amazon….hating myself every second. (flipping catholic hippy liberal guilt!)

6 year old eerily creeps up on me. No action on the shoes. or maybe there was. It’s Amazon, do you ever know/remember what you’re buying? (still hating myself)

a whole mess of thrown cereal bowls, not wanting to get dressed/go to school, brother hits, girl pushes, baby bites…somehow, she gets to school.

2nd mess of preschool set up day where I am part of an army watching 22ish kids 4 and under while the other army sets up are sweet little school….aww so sweet …so cute…

Lunch with friends and kids=nightmare with a good margarita

Home to a clean house….cleaning ladies are Goddess from the highest of heavens, even though they always forget something. I’m really working on letting go of that. My house is an f’ing disaster. I should be happy to at least have a bed made, right.

Baby naps, or at least, I hope she did- love that sound machine!

Cleaning something, somewhere, and loaner iphone (yes, loaner, as in my real one is in cupertino or india getting it’s shattered screen fixed) shatters! my loaner phone shatters! wtf?!

Sister comes home. Poo hits the fan, 2nd day of school-she’s exhausted,apparently she’s the only one in 1st grade who doesn’t have a new backpack. For the first time ever I here her say, “It’s not Fair! Everyone else has one!” No bueno.

Dinner- Left over rice and beans from margarita lunch and pasta from the night before. carbs are the new protein right?

Boy is pulling stuffing out of a stuffed animal.

Baby girl who had juuuust taken a bath, took off her diaper and pooped and peed on the floor while I was dealing with the one 1st grader without the new backpack. But don’t worry guys, good ole’ MayMay the dog cleaned it right up for me. (barf)

Brilliant, wonderfully funny friend facetimes in attempt to salve the angry children crisis sweeping the DC metro. The facetiming kids are amused for a mili-second, but It makes me smile to share this equally insane moment with a friend. I think we should start a movement- ‘The 6 o’clock facetime” ? a better tagline needed. facetime, creating community and sanity, one parent at a time. A glimpse of life outside the domestica.

concluding baby’s 2nd bath, I come out to find boy in the backyard. I love when they leave the house without telling me…..(deep breaths, deep breaths)

I walk out to deal with Boy and baby says “No No” for the first time.

laugh out loud.

I sit down for a second. I can’t believe these days… i look down, baby poo on my leg, at the same time I see baby eating the dog food.

It’s from whole foods, it’s organic? I should jump up and grab her. I sit an extra minute. I suck…..

I decide to start another construction project. and rearrange furniture, because that’s a good idea with kids at bedtime.

kids go to bed.

Treat myself to a shower and some proper leg shavin’ …I also try out this derma planning thing, which is basically shaving your face. I won’t lie- it’s pretty addicting. I might be a hairless wonder soon…or my beard will double and





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