Happy Mother Lovin Birthday, to me

And, thank the good Goddess, I am happy today.

***Disclaimer: I truly love my children, my man, and my life***

My poor friends have been listening to me whine and complain about how much I loathe my birthday for the past few days/weeks/months (?) I speculate that the cause of this has been the Groundhog Day effect of watching my peers party in exotic places with super hot bikinis celebrating their super awesome 30ish birthdays with their amazing careers and numerous and equally hot amazing friends. While I have watched my own 25-30ishs Birthdays whirl by while covered in toddler grease and/or being stuck to an infant and all of the not so joys that come along with that. Grass is always greener?

…And ManLove TOTALLY botched the 30th last year, but I’m over it, I swear.


This year, I vowed, to take matters into my own hands, and take care of myself.

I’ve booked a babysitter; will be using a massage gift certificate that I’ve had for a year and a half (?!). I have mapped out many possible paths for the day to take- Thrift/Antiquing, Hiking/zen’ing it out amongst the trees, bing-watching anything on my phone while parked in a parking lot… so many incredible options. Guys, my heart is bursting.

I also, fingers crossed, think that I might, just maybe, have also successfully guilt-tripped/trained ManLove. Say wha?! He made a yummy breakfast AND did the dishes, and we’re going out to dinner tonight. I mean, things be crazy, if he gives me a gift that isn’t a print out or a drawing of something that he wants to get me… I might just keel over.

Friends, I hope you all have a great day, on my day of birth. I hope at some point in your day you think, “That Anna, she deserves a great Birthday, I hope she’s having fun.”

Because she does deserve a great Birthday and you do too!


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