The Best NapTime Workouts for BabyMamas


Memorial Day Weekend….

a dreaded weekend for most females with little babies/toddlers/kids(?)

Especially me, especially this Memorial Weekend.


Because alllllll winter I convinced myself that I would workout, eat like a bunny, and be all zen like so that I could look like this by the summer.

UNSPECIFIED - JULY 27:  Medium shot of Bo Derek as Jenny, wearing bathing suit, running on beach.  (Photo by Warner Bros./Getty Images)

So that didn’t happen.


OK, OK, a bit dramatic. I’m all about girl power loving your body, look what I grew and made sh@$. But Ladies, you know what I’m sayin- the struggle is real. We gotta stick together.


Here’s the thing. I love working out!….at a gym. Plugging in my tunes, the infiltration of endorphins, not having my kids around, being miles from the unfinished laundry, or piles of dishes- it’s a glorious. Historically, it has been my most successful way to get in shape post baby.

But with baby’s more demanding nap schedule and the endless pick up and drop off times,  I just can’t swing it.  I’ve recently (as in last week) turned to the good ole’worldwideweb. Surprisingly, for this non-runner, it’s been a really helpful tool to workout and re-motivate.

A friend recently told me about a series called ‘Bikini Body Mommy‘ (I know, I know… don’t judge my the name) it’s actually a really great way to jumpstart any kind of fitness/weight loss journey. Briana, the BBM, is personable, real, and is right there with you sweating it out, and modifying positions and exercises when she’s tired. It’s free and quick, all of the workouts are about 15-20 minutes.

I have also been doing additional workouts when I have the time (and energy). The workouts below are SUPER quick and can be done with no props.  I use water bottles for weights, or increase the reps if there is a resistance band needed. Do 1 or ALL! They may be short, but you will FEEL IT.

NapTime Workouts

First and foremost, a celebration that you have a few minutes of freedom. GET IT GUUURRRLLL!! 😉





Best of luck ladies, best of luck.


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