Entryway Makeover DIY

My entryway is finished.

FINALLY, a finished project.

54 square feet of serenity.

The 1970’s’esque entry had sliding doors in front of the ‘mini’ closet and on top over the shelves. And, Yellow.  Yellow trim, yellow interior doors, white paint with a yellow undertone. Yellow. Lots and lots of Yellow.

Below is the ONLY picture I could find (midway through hallway construction craze) where you can see the door and ‘the yellow’. Bummed that I didn’t take any before pics…perhaps because the start of this project was a bit how they say, impulsive.

Whatever, it was needed!


The story of ‘The Hallway’ which turned into the Saga of the Hallway, Stairs, Entryway, and Doors…is coming. Probably in another 2 years, which seems to be my going speed.

For now, lets start with that one 6′ x 9′ foot area of my house that is FINISHED. WOW. Feels good to say and type that word! 54 sq feet done, only 1,946 more sq feet of house left!

We started with an entryway painted a white with a yellow undertone and all of the trim was yellow (think mustard had a bad day yellow) and sliding mustard yellow (barf) doors that always came off track were once here.

One day I got mad at the mustard doors and took (ripped) them off. Personally, I’d rather have nothing/bare walls/bare rooms than something I don’t like. I had some random cubbies/locker thing that I found on the side of the road (notice a trend here) and that was good, for awhile… but with the endless hallway construction, the kids, the dog, and the endless stuff this room/entryway became so cluttered and unusable, something had to give. It needed serious help.


Fresh, clean(ish) while still holding true to the house’s “Country Whimsical” feel, with a bit more uniformity throughout.

The Result….



Walls (Flat*), Ceiling, and Trim (Semi-gloss) ALLLL…. are  White Dove by Benjamin Moore

(I’m obsessed)

(and if you live in an old house, you should be too!)

*Flat…boy, do I love flat. As I mentioned in my last post (DIY Window Painting) “More Gloss More Problems” i.e. you can see a lotta problems and yes, the walls in my 100+ year old house have problems. So my beloved Flat sheen helps make those ‘problems’ transform into ‘old house charm’.

The wood wall is a compilation of  2×10’s and random wood that I had in the basement.

I bought hooks at the hardware store and painted them in some primary colors (yellow, red, blue).

I did leave the top sliding doors so that we still have at least one place to shove things before people come over 🙂

I also replaced an old (and dark) tiffany style flush mount light with an awesome industrial style light (seen below) from IndiLights on Etsy ($50)

Old Light
New Light!

The Mirror ($30) and Mail Holder ($19) are from HomeGoods.

I ended up spray painting all of the outlet and light switches with Rustoleum’s – Robin Egg

Same color for the Coat Knobs which are actually curtain rod ends screwed into the wall with drywall screws!

(I know what you’re thinking… “Wow, this woman is definitely in the trenches of mamahood, those knobs look like boobs.” I also realized this- after I installed them.)

And the little Chair was rescued on the side of the road. I decided to give it a fresh start with some purple love.



 2.7% for the win!


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