DIY: Painting Windows = Awesome

 Painting windows and/or any kind of glass border is great for many reasons and AMAZING for one reason. 

“The Anna Method of painting windows is sure to fulfill the needs of manicure pickers everywhere!”  

Yup, that’s right. What makes painting windows amazing, is this-

When it dries.

You get to Scrap it off like nailpolish!

As an avid nailpolish picker, this brings me mucho joy.

Don’t judge . Don’t you remember the joys of picking the dried Elmer’s glue off your hand as a child? Flipping awesome.

I guess before you get to experience this joy. You should probably do the following:

1) wipe down surface with damp rag 

2) sand any rough spots, wipe down again.

3) prime.

4) paint! It’s recommended to use a “gloss” type paint on windows in trim. 

—- my rule of thumb for gloss is, “more gloss, more problems” 

Gloss is not forgiving. 

New house/windows can go high gloss. For my old and weird house we went semi-gloss (Benjamin Moore White Dove) (swoon….)

You could use painters tape, or try to cut a really close edge. Orrrr…. You could paint it quickly (because you do things in 30min increments anyways)  and have the joys of picking that sh%* off. Glorious!

 P.S. In Classic Anna fashion this was the closest tool I could find. I would NOT use one this flimsy or big. Grab yourself a 2″ scraper and get at it!

….your welcome.


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