Lesson #35- Glass is Gold

Behold. Our random second front door with chipped paint, an overflow of calk from my DIY attempt at fixing a broken window (blog on how not to fix window pane in the works) and a terrible old and broken light.

Let’s take a closer look.

…even closer…

I am fortunate enough to own not one , but two of these old and ugly lights. I recently hired an electrician to install an outdoor lightbox on the back patio where there was not light. Three big holes and big check later (must.learn.electrical.) I had an outdoor light box.

Being the scrappy b#%?! that I am I decided to redo one of the former front lights (pictured above) and use it on the back porch. This plan would also help justify buying new front lights that better matched our house. Win/win, right?

The plan was to paint the light the same way I do most lights (ie chandelier makeover) and replace the broken glass which would improve aesthetics.

Paint. Check. Easy, dependable, cheap.


Oh…. The mother lovin glass.




Hardware store- nope, don’t sell or cut. Need to go to a glass shop.

Glass shop #1- fancy pants place with fancy pants name. The woman tells me that for the size (small square) and the use ( light fixture) is need “tempered glass” and it could choose between a few pieces that could be cut that small. Ok… Easy enough…. I pic 2 I like, $15/EACH! I needed 3, 4×5″ pieces of glass, homegirl was not liking that $45 price tag. Thanked her- booked it outta there.

Call 2nd place, ask about tempered glas, yes they have it and can cut- drive  25 min there with the babes (yes, not one but two glass shoppes in one day with toddler and baby= nightmare) finally get there. Only a few pieces can be cut that small,  but they convinced me that for a light fixture with one bulb tempered glass is not needed.

**edumacate yo self! For information about Tempered VS Regular Clear Glass, click here. **

The price for their glass at the non fancy name sketchy location place -$30/each. Puuhlease! WTF!


Drive back to fancy place order glass, drive home with glass and install the new light. I then turned on the light and stared at my $45 glass as well as the holes in my wall from the electrician which worh my schedule will take me a year to patch. Sigh.

Wisdom for young ones- become an electrician or a glass manufacturer.

Your welcome.



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