Here’s where I’m at

Hi, my name is Anna, I haven’t written in 3 years…I’ve been busy growing up.

I really love the endless flow of feel good articles about how ’40 is the new 20′, or ’10 reasons 38 is the best age’, etc. I recently saw a headline/tag line about how fabulous your 40’s are because you realize that all us grown-ups, are the same. We’re all fighting similar battles (of varying degrees) and how some of us are just better at putting on a good show. As dark as that sounds, I found it enlightening.

Beyond Domestica, the search for life beyond the domestic life.

I think I started this to give myself an outlet, to voice the trials and tribulations of this crazy road of parenthood, marriage… attempting to find self. And here I stand- 30, an *almost* 6 year old, an *almost* 4 year old and a 9 month old, 1 babydaddy, 1 dog and 1 crazy old house.  Life is both complicated, hard and utterly perfect.

I grew up wanting to save the world. Since having kids, I am, for better or worse, enthralled with the domestica 🙂  That part of me is focused more on the microlevel… for now.

So here’s where I’m at.

I’m realizing that my needs are simple. Nature, building, art, fixing, taking time (and resources) to feel beautiful. Watching, engaging and loving my family. Improving my home (or at least trying too)

It is so very nice to see you again.



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