Max-a-maccah-moosey-man is FOUR

The morning of April 27th, 2011 I was waddling around a high-school track.

waddle waddle waddle waddle

down on all fours

Breath…..jusssstttttttt flipping breath

waddle waddle waddle waddle

down on all fours

Breath…..jusssstttttttt flipping breath

waddle waddle waddle waddle

down on all fours

Breath…..jusssstttttttt flipping breath

“Cristo, must be time… really we should go, I bet it’s time to go.”


We’d been at this for about an hour. Contractions had begun around midnight, we went to the midwife around 8am, and to my shocked ears… I was still in early labor.

We went to the track to walk.

waddle waddle waddle waddle

down on all fours

Breath…..jusssstttttttt flipping breath

“Cristo, must be time… really we should go, I bet it’s time to go.”

We took the dog back home, because my wonderful, practical, babydaddy thought we should give the dog a walk while watching the pregnant lady barrel herself around the HS track in pain, you know, before things got really going.

Drove the 30 minutes to the Hospital/Midwife and walked in ready to meet our boy.

“Sorry, not yet. Come back in a couple hours.”






Babydaddy mentioned that it was a weekday and he just happened to have to renew his license, we also had some time to spare… Off to the DMV we went.

I spend what felt like hours contracting in the car. Legs up, arms up, curled in one big ball of  angry pregnant woman. We drove, we walked, I think we ate something.

Finally, they had mercy on me and admitted me.

A few hours later, with the help of my wonderful midwife and some stellar nurses, I gave birth (while squatting) to a big beautiful baby boy.


…and Eliza became a big sister.
eliza maz

Max was the happiest, cutest chunk of baby boy I could have ever dreamed of.

max babymax 1max 1st579191_404437542914702_2033373641_nmax hair

He continues to amaze us with his intelligence, resourcefulness, endearing love, and goofiness.

stud max max beachsuper maxmax skimax big boy2 maxmax brother

I can’t wait to watch you grow, Max-a-maccah-moosey-man.

I love you to the moon and beyond!

sleep max


Next Week is gunna be swwwweeeetttt!

Next week will be better.

I will be better.

I am going to the gym a minimum of 3 times. I’m even going to try a soul cycle class… And I’m going to flippin like it.  

Who cares if I haven’t worked out in 1 (3) months, or that going to the gym means baby won’t get her morning nap, which as the third is truly her only time with just me and/or sleeping with some peace. It’ll be better because I will be filled with post workout endorphins that will turn me into a somewhat less mean mommy, which makes life happier (and calmer) for everyone in my stratosphere (love you honey!)

Baby also won’t be teething  next week. Which means I will get at least a few minutes a day without dear girl in my arms, and I won’t need 2 (4) glasses of wine to decompress that night(s) …and I won’t feel guilty.

(I feel guilty thinking it)


I will NOT stay up past 10 (12?) binge watching anything… I do have self control, I do have self control. In fact, I’m going to READ, every night. Because I am that kind of woman.


 I will not wear anything with any kind of stretch in it. I will be that put together Mom, you know, that one.

I am also going to plan dinners for the week. AND I’m going to go to the grocery store once, not 3 (6) times like this week. I will not have bad carbs at evey (most) meals. And no sugar, that’s off the list. Oh yea, I’m going there. Side note- They’re also going to be Michelle Obama worthy meals that family will devour. 

Mommy- “No kids we are not having pizza, cereal, and/or peanut butter sandwiches this week. ”

Children- “We knew you would get it together someday Mom!”

<everyone hugs>

I’m going to be like the best BabyMama to Babydaddy….boy is gunna remember why he picked this girl off the street corner! Bowchickabowow….(ew gross, kidding, obvi…)

Babydaddy- “Dearest hot wife, you shaved your legs and put lipgloss on while making 35 breakfasts, 37 lunches, 35 dinners, 100 snacks, while helping our daughter jump a reading level, workout, and renovate our house for pennies?!”

BabyMama- “I’m just that good.”

shucks, I’m gunna crush it.

Lesson #35- Glass is Gold

Behold. Our random second front door with chipped paint, an overflow of calk from my DIY attempt at fixing a broken window (blog on how not to fix window pane in the works) and a terrible old and broken light.

Let’s take a closer look.

…even closer…

I am fortunate enough to own not one , but two of these old and ugly lights. I recently hired an electrician to install an outdoor lightbox on the back patio where there was not light. Three big holes and big check later (must.learn.electrical.) I had an outdoor light box.

Being the scrappy b#%?! that I am I decided to redo one of the former front lights (pictured above) and use it on the back porch. This plan would also help justify buying new front lights that better matched our house. Win/win, right?

The plan was to paint the light the same way I do most lights (ie chandelier makeover) and replace the broken glass which would improve aesthetics.

Paint. Check. Easy, dependable, cheap.


Oh…. The mother lovin glass.




Hardware store- nope, don’t sell or cut. Need to go to a glass shop.

Glass shop #1- fancy pants place with fancy pants name. The woman tells me that for the size (small square) and the use ( light fixture) is need “tempered glass” and it could choose between a few pieces that could be cut that small. Ok… Easy enough…. I pic 2 I like, $15/EACH! I needed 3, 4×5″ pieces of glass, homegirl was not liking that $45 price tag. Thanked her- booked it outta there.

Call 2nd place, ask about tempered glas, yes they have it and can cut- drive  25 min there with the babes (yes, not one but two glass shoppes in one day with toddler and baby= nightmare) finally get there. Only a few pieces can be cut that small,  but they convinced me that for a light fixture with one bulb tempered glass is not needed.

**edumacate yo self! For information about Tempered VS Regular Clear Glass, click here. **

The price for their glass at the non fancy name sketchy location place -$30/each. Puuhlease! WTF!


Drive back to fancy place order glass, drive home with glass and install the new light. I then turned on the light and stared at my $45 glass as well as the holes in my wall from the electrician which worh my schedule will take me a year to patch. Sigh.

Wisdom for young ones- become an electrician or a glass manufacturer.

Your welcome.


Brass, Wires, and Paint, Oh My! …Up-cycled Chandelier DIY

The Good Things: basic electrical work, refurbishing items, and adding charm to our kitchen.

Part of me dies a bit when I paint over wood. But Painting over Brass? Welll…. not so much.

Though I’m no stranger to ‘upgrading’ light fixtures. I’m pretty obsessed with the new DIY trend of painting brass light fixtures.

So when I found a FREE chandelier looking for a good home, I quickly scooped it up.

Ain’t she a beaut?


She also had these hurricane type glass looking covers (5 plastic and a glass one that was, of course, 1/2 inch smaller than the other 5)

The original plan was to remove the candle type holders and replace with shorter lightbulb holders for a more modern look. Local Hardware stores carry them in various sizes for about $12 for a pack of 2 ( 3 packs x $12  $36) On this particular day, my local hardware store only had two packs of  2-inch holders. The combination of impatience, having about 10 minutes of time before preschool pick up, and the general dislike of spending money… I decided to forgo the lower light holders and hope for the best.

side note- If you have a fully stocked hardware store, $40ish bucks, wire cutters and a screw driver you can do it (I promise!)

Basic Electrical Wires for Lights

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.49.55 PM



Ground/Bare Copper

Via This Old House


In this case, you pull the black and white wires through and screw them around the corresponding screws (most electrical anythings, including the new sockets come with instructions)  the copper ground screw in the socket provides the ‘Ground’ …so super easy, right?! 😉

So before all of that, you need to have a rehabbed glamorous light.

1/ clean off the light and *lightly* sand away any rust/dirt/etc.

2/use painters tape to cover any exposed wires (except the wires that run through the chain)

3/ Tighten everything as if it was about to be hung and

photo 1

4/ With any kind of metal painting you want to PRIME. Trust me, it will never dry right and it will make a mess if you don’t.

4/a- I have also learned to actually follow the recommended rules (shocker I know)

4/b- only use spray paint when it’s above 50 degrees, not humid/raining (if you’re outside- and you should be outside!) always, ALWAYS use thin layers…and let dry in-between coats (40ish min is the minimum)

For this go I went with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2X Flat White Primer ($4ish)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.10.20 PM

p.s. I was so happy with the flat white look, I actually decided to just use the primer!

photo 3

When it is COMPLETELY dry figure out the length that you want or need and cut the chain (or in my case woman-handle it with any tool you can find) until it’s the appropriate length.

Then… Instal! For some “how-to” help I’d recommend:

The finished product!

(step 2 touch up ceiling paint)

photo 3photo 1

5/ Once installed look for any blemishes/unpainted areas. If you see any grab a piece of cardboard hold up behind and spray.

Not bad for a $4 light!

Off with you! Go give an old light another chance!

Here’s where I’m at

Hi, my name is Anna, I haven’t written in 3 years…I’ve been busy growing up.

I really love the endless flow of feel good articles about how ’40 is the new 20′, or ’10 reasons 38 is the best age’, etc. I recently saw a headline/tag line about how fabulous your 40’s are because you realize that all us grown-ups, are the same. We’re all fighting similar battles (of varying degrees) and how some of us are just better at putting on a good show. As dark as that sounds, I found it enlightening.

Beyond Domestica, the search for life beyond the domestic life.

I think I started this to give myself an outlet, to voice the trials and tribulations of this crazy road of parenthood, marriage… attempting to find self. And here I stand- 30, an *almost* 6 year old, an *almost* 4 year old and a 9 month old, 1 babydaddy, 1 dog and 1 crazy old house.  Life is both complicated, hard and utterly perfect.

I grew up wanting to save the world. Since having kids, I am, for better or worse, enthralled with the domestica 🙂  That part of me is focused more on the microlevel… for now.

So here’s where I’m at.

I’m realizing that my needs are simple. Nature, building, art, fixing, taking time (and resources) to feel beautiful. Watching, engaging and loving my family. Improving my home (or at least trying too)

It is so very nice to see you again.