Betty Draper and the Technicolored Fat Suit

Are you a Mad Men fan? I am.

Did you see the most recent episode? I did.

Did you get the gist about our frienemy Betty? How she’s gained some weight? Oh, you saw that? Yea, me too…

I kissed my BabyDaddy Goodnight, jumped to my favorite corner of the couch and turned on my beloved “Mad Men” looking forward to a trip back in time to a sexy (in a seriously politically incorrect way) (which makes it twice as hot) time in history, with fabulous makeup and great outfits.

..and then it began.

I saw her.

My Frienemy Betty.

And she was, plump.

It was awful.

The sitting in front of the TV eating out of the cereal box- check!

The scene were poor little Sally is “full”, leaves the room and Mommy-Betty finishes her massive ice cream sunday. – check!

Her ‘Rounded’ back coming out of the tub- AWKWARD…..

Oh Bets…I get it girl, really, I get it. But gosh, did you have to blow all the Mama-food and body-inscurity-secrets in one show!?

That was just plain painful.

And then all the media about her “Fat Suit”

A bit brutal, don’t ya think?

Just because SOME Mamas may finish SOME of their babes food doesn’t mean that SOME Mamas may be struggling with keeping it together and just because SOME Mamas may use the brief/few and far between moments of solitude to veg in front of the TV with some Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t mean that SOME Mamas are choosing the lazy route versus the 500 sit-ups during nap time route all the time…really, I swear (?)

I know that you’re going though some stuff, I get it. Let’s call a truce, k? Great.

*                   *                    *

After the show, I crawled into bed and kissed my love for-

A. Choosing to not watch the show that Night (awkward…)

B. For loving me in any way shape or form that I may be in during these uncomfortable ‘adjusting to childbearing/raising/etc years’ body .


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