BeyondDomestica: Part Time Mama-fessional

Being the know-it-all -overhsaring-crazy that I am, I’ve decided that in 2 weeks of “working” I was ready to compile a list of pros and cons for the webulation (population, WEBulation- get it!?) to judge me on.


Here’s what I’ve come up with, so far-



20-30 hours where I can pretend to be a professional (as opposed to googling the social norms for 2 year olds and/or normal poop consistencies)

20-30 hours where I can feel just a tad bit more put together than a grungy housewife (I don’t do the ‘SAHM’ style well, AT ALL!)

20-30 hours where I can ask other people “Why?” “Why?” “Why?””Why?” “Why?” “Why?””Why?” “Why?” “Why?” and not vice-versa!

I have become 10x as productive as I was pre-babes (Employers- HIRE MOTHERS! They will work their A** off!)

5:30-7:30pm has become a much more peaceful and joyful time in my home (i.e. I’m not counting the minutes until bedtime)

I have about a 35% increase in patience with my little babes..and growing! (fingers crossed)

I feel like I have something interesting to contribute to the spousal conversation (as opposed to the # of times a baby pulled the toilet paper out of the roll, and that same dang lady at the gym who always drives me crazy)

I might just lose weight while working (I’m so flipping busy and productive- i don’t eat!) (i do not approve of this, FYI teenage girls!)

I like that minuscule amount that I’m contributing to the pot (HA! Did I mention that I do Non-profit work? HA!)



Realizing that since becoming a parent, I’ve become 10X as controlling.

This go I don’t just think that I know everything, I KNOW that I know everything (at least about things that I know..that I know)

Missing my babes….

Feeling like I’m missing out with my babes.


The way the babes hug me when I get home, like I have been away for days…

Feeling like I’m missing out with friends.

The level of dishes, laundry, dust and mess in the house has increased 75%

I might gain weight working! (I can’t figure out the dinner thing- we’ve had frozen pizza or pasta every day I’ve worked thus far!)

The lack of Gym visits…<awkward moment when you realize you haven’t been to the gym in a week>

The EXTRA necessity for mind space (REALLY! I need to shift things around to make room for the new info, process, schedule, etc.)


*                         *                         *                             *                         *                         *

To all the parents who work full time- kudos to you!

To all the Stay At Home Parents- I salute you!

To all the in-betweeners- Cheers to you!

This parenting gig, is a tough one- a magical, fabulous, brilliant and wonderful one, but still a tough one.  Whichever “work” route you decide to go, just know- you rock and that’s that.

There are so many pros and cons to each, do what is right for you and your family, but mostly you. I believe that at the end of the day, your babies will grow up with a parent who is more loving and patient because they did what was right for them. I respect that, I hope you do too.


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