Me and the Supermarket are Breaking up.

For years, I bought the majority of my groceries at WholeFoods. But with the change of jobs, purchase of a house (ugh…) and the general financial woes of a young, one income family- I’ve been forced to rethink my whole relationship with WholeFoods…or shall I say, ‘Whole Paycheck”

It is more expensive for most things and I don’t have the time to drive there, get both the kids out, drag them in, buy some fish, meat or dairy  and then drive to another generic Safeway-type store for Ketchup, soap and detergent. Plus, there isn’t really a good WholeFoods near me.

Recently I have been going to the local supermarket like everybody else… the problem is- it seriously grosses me out. I walk in and immediately feel anxious, I.. (get ready for uvy-groovy overload) can sense the chemicals, the underpaid workers growing the tomatoes in Mexico, or wherever….I can sense all kinds of horriblness in the back where they sell the meat, seafood and dairy products. It’s just a bad bad place. Even my beloved WholeFoods invokes these reactions in me,just not as intense.

So this morning, while wandering up and down the aisles, nearly in tears from the weight of it all. I kept  looking at my babes (who mind you, think the supermarket is the coolest place ever) and wondering what it would take to raise them to understand that what they choose to buy and choose to eat will not only effect their bodies, but also effect the greater health of the world. 

How much more effort and money would it take? To always buy local, to only consume meat and fish from reputable farms and fisherman…to choose to raise them out of the craze of ‘Giants’ and ‘Safeways’ and the big chain supermarkets to only shop at Coops and farmers markets.

To practice the ways of food inc, etc…to really REALLY practice what I know to be true. Which seems like the less easy path. I wonder….

I think it would take more planning, more recipes to pull me away from the ever-easy turkey meatloaf type dinners and open my eyes to the world of simple cooking. Grains, Vegetables…and, and…more grains and vegetables? I have no idea!

I want advice.

Good, Healthy recepies with simple ingredients. Ideas. all of it. give it to me.


How do I live a life

where I never

have to go into another

supermarket again? 


2 thoughts on “Me and the Supermarket are Breaking up.

  1. I remember those photos. You miss your chickens, your girls. I understand your situation. I do shop at the big box stores and sigh when I pick up lettuce from ? Or raspberries from Brazil in the month of March. Weather. Climate. So what to do? Start out slow. Yes buy local whenever you can no matter what! If you have the space plant a garden and can and freeze. Generations have been doing it! Some people will buy a half cow or pig from local farmer. The meat last awhile. Just some thoughts. Good luck!


  2. A family favorite. Take a can of black beans and the same amount of corn and lay in your crockpot. Stir in 1/2 jar of salsa and place on top 3 chicken breast and the rest of the salsa. Cook on low for 8 hours and add cheese in the last ten minutes.Serve with wraps and greek yogurt, tacos and greek yogurt, and or on brown rice. Wether it be organic, or not at least it is whole and yummy.


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