Now that my dear little Moose’a Baby is a whopping 10 months old and crawling, pulling, gnawing, ripping and destroying everything in his path, I have been forced to BabyProof…never really had to do this with Eliza- a girl/boy thing perhaps? Regardless, Moose’a is RELENTLESS.

I’ve come up with these thrifty, eco-friendly and somewhat giggle worthy ways to curb my babies need for self destruction, enjoy. 😉

Exhibit A

Situation: Under sink cabinet, full of many things poisonous and yucky.

Solution: A large rubber band once used for holding hair back. Considering it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve been to the gym- I think I’ll survive without it.

 Result: He thinks it’s an instrument and pulls and bangs them together.

Exhibit B

Situation: MayMay’s Dog Bed. Covered in dog hair and the poor girls only space for herself!

(hm…Projection, much?)

Solution:  Barrier de Kid chairs.

Result: He thinks it’s an obstacle course to his best friend.

Exhibit C

Situation: Pantry Doors (Think bags of flour, rice, grains, cans) (i.e. disaster waiting to happen)

Solution: Pulled out scrunchy.

 (Yes, I like scrunchies- now drop it.)

Result: Double Bonus! Keeps him out and holds the over stuffed food in!

Exhibit D (My personal Fav)

Situation: Stairs to basement, with uneven surface for baby gate.

Solution:  Scrap-wood held up with a cork

(Oh yea, REAL classy up in here)

Result: Not bad! We have to reinforce the cork every now and then, but overall- it works!

Even though he keeps me on my toes 24/7, I love the fact that my baby boy is relentless…it gives me faith that he will grow to be a strong, driven and determined man. Until then, pray for me and send me lots’a high energy jujube!


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