BeyondDomestica: Part Time Mama-fessional

Being the know-it-all -overhsaring-crazy that I am, I’ve decided that in 2 weeks of “working” I was ready to compile a list of pros and cons for the webulation (population, WEBulation- get it!?) to judge me on.


Here’s what I’ve come up with, so far-



20-30 hours where I can pretend to be a professional (as opposed to googling the social norms for 2 year olds and/or normal poop consistencies)

20-30 hours where I can feel just a tad bit more put together than a grungy housewife (I don’t do the ‘SAHM’ style well, AT ALL!)

20-30 hours where I can ask other people “Why?” “Why?” “Why?””Why?” “Why?” “Why?””Why?” “Why?” “Why?” and not vice-versa!

I have become 10x as productive as I was pre-babes (Employers- HIRE MOTHERS! They will work their A** off!)

5:30-7:30pm has become a much more peaceful and joyful time in my home (i.e. I’m not counting the minutes until bedtime)

I have about a 35% increase in patience with my little babes..and growing! (fingers crossed)

I feel like I have something interesting to contribute to the spousal conversation (as opposed to the # of times a baby pulled the toilet paper out of the roll, and that same dang lady at the gym who always drives me crazy)

I might just lose weight while working (I’m so flipping busy and productive- i don’t eat!) (i do not approve of this, FYI teenage girls!)

I like that minuscule amount that I’m contributing to the pot (HA! Did I mention that I do Non-profit work? HA!)



Realizing that since becoming a parent, I’ve become 10X as controlling.

This go I don’t just think that I know everything, I KNOW that I know everything (at least about things that I know..that I know)

Missing my babes….

Feeling like I’m missing out with my babes.


The way the babes hug me when I get home, like I have been away for days…

Feeling like I’m missing out with friends.

The level of dishes, laundry, dust and mess in the house has increased 75%

I might gain weight working! (I can’t figure out the dinner thing- we’ve had frozen pizza or pasta every day I’ve worked thus far!)

The lack of Gym visits…<awkward moment when you realize you haven’t been to the gym in a week>

The EXTRA necessity for mind space (REALLY! I need to shift things around to make room for the new info, process, schedule, etc.)


*                         *                         *                             *                         *                         *

To all the parents who work full time- kudos to you!

To all the Stay At Home Parents- I salute you!

To all the in-betweeners- Cheers to you!

This parenting gig, is a tough one- a magical, fabulous, brilliant and wonderful one, but still a tough one.  Whichever “work” route you decide to go, just know- you rock and that’s that.

There are so many pros and cons to each, do what is right for you and your family, but mostly you. I believe that at the end of the day, your babies will grow up with a parent who is more loving and patient because they did what was right for them. I respect that, I hope you do too.


Me and the Supermarket are Breaking up.

For years, I bought the majority of my groceries at WholeFoods. But with the change of jobs, purchase of a house (ugh…) and the general financial woes of a young, one income family- I’ve been forced to rethink my whole relationship with WholeFoods…or shall I say, ‘Whole Paycheck”

It is more expensive for most things and I don’t have the time to drive there, get both the kids out, drag them in, buy some fish, meat or dairy  and then drive to another generic Safeway-type store for Ketchup, soap and detergent. Plus, there isn’t really a good WholeFoods near me.

Recently I have been going to the local supermarket like everybody else… the problem is- it seriously grosses me out. I walk in and immediately feel anxious, I.. (get ready for uvy-groovy overload) can sense the chemicals, the underpaid workers growing the tomatoes in Mexico, or wherever….I can sense all kinds of horriblness in the back where they sell the meat, seafood and dairy products. It’s just a bad bad place. Even my beloved WholeFoods invokes these reactions in me,just not as intense.

So this morning, while wandering up and down the aisles, nearly in tears from the weight of it all. I kept  looking at my babes (who mind you, think the supermarket is the coolest place ever) and wondering what it would take to raise them to understand that what they choose to buy and choose to eat will not only effect their bodies, but also effect the greater health of the world. 

How much more effort and money would it take? To always buy local, to only consume meat and fish from reputable farms and fisherman…to choose to raise them out of the craze of ‘Giants’ and ‘Safeways’ and the big chain supermarkets to only shop at Coops and farmers markets.

To practice the ways of food inc, etc…to really REALLY practice what I know to be true. Which seems like the less easy path. I wonder….

I think it would take more planning, more recipes to pull me away from the ever-easy turkey meatloaf type dinners and open my eyes to the world of simple cooking. Grains, Vegetables…and, and…more grains and vegetables? I have no idea!

I want advice.

Good, Healthy recepies with simple ingredients. Ideas. all of it. give it to me.


How do I live a life

where I never

have to go into another

supermarket again? 


 Now that my dear little Moose’a Baby is a whopping 10 months old and crawling, pulling, gnawing, ripping and destroying everything in his path, I have been forced to BabyProof…never really had to do this with Eliza- a girl/boy thing perhaps? Regardless, Moose’a is RELENTLESS.

I’ve come up with these thrifty, eco-friendly and somewhat giggle worthy ways to curb my babies need for self destruction, enjoy. 😉

Exhibit A

Situation: Under sink cabinet, full of many things poisonous and yucky.

Solution: A large rubber band once used for holding hair back. Considering it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve been to the gym- I think I’ll survive without it.

 Result: He thinks it’s an instrument and pulls and bangs them together.

Exhibit B

Situation: MayMay’s Dog Bed. Covered in dog hair and the poor girls only space for herself!

(hm…Projection, much?)

Solution:  Barrier de Kid chairs.

Result: He thinks it’s an obstacle course to his best friend.

Exhibit C

Situation: Pantry Doors (Think bags of flour, rice, grains, cans) (i.e. disaster waiting to happen)

Solution: Pulled out scrunchy.

 (Yes, I like scrunchies- now drop it.)

Result: Double Bonus! Keeps him out and holds the over stuffed food in!

Exhibit D (My personal Fav)

Situation: Stairs to basement, with uneven surface for baby gate.

Solution:  Scrap-wood held up with a cork

(Oh yea, REAL classy up in here)

Result: Not bad! We have to reinforce the cork every now and then, but overall- it works!

Even though he keeps me on my toes 24/7, I love the fact that my baby boy is relentless…it gives me faith that he will grow to be a strong, driven and determined man. Until then, pray for me and send me lots’a high energy jujube!