WestCoastBliss..and some movies.

MrsDomestica is back…from a beautiful, delicious, magical and ultra groovy trip to the amazing state of California. Napa to Big Sur and then back to the Groovy streets of Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. What a trip!

On Sunday night we said Goodbye to my wonderful Mama (NanaRo) and me and BabyDaddy began our vacation with a stay at the luxurious Hampton Inn right behind Dulles Airport in Virginia (Hot!) We decided to stay there on Sunday night because our flight was early the next day, they would drive us to the airport and we could leave our car there…blah blah blah. We open the door to our room and BabyDaddy jumps on the bed, cracks open a Coors light (which he had brought in a paper bag) and exclaims- “I can’t wait to watch a movie!”


Yes, my friends, we watched a movie and drank Coors light.

Got to the airport, all good- got on the plane and took a deep breath. Here we were. on a plane. alone. no babies. no strollers.no car seats…silence.  Until, we watched movies!

His movie: Immortal

Her movie: Breaking Dawn

I know, the depth of romance in our relationship is almost too much to handle… i’ll try to take it easy on ya.

*                                           *                                           *                                           *

We spent Monday eating burritos at Golden Gate Bridge Nat. Park and then drove north to Santa Rosa for an afternoon of Wine Tasting with our travel buddies and with a San Fran native and serious wine connoisseur.    Whom I’m guessing didn’t appreciate my need to stick my schnoz in each glass and exert annoying wine tasting lingo that I had googled in the car.

Such words/phrases included:

“The herbaceous desire of this wine is just too much for me.”

“Cigarbox.” (awkward…..)

“The mouthfeel of the tannins is just DELIGHTFUL!”

*                                           *                                           *                                           *

On to Napa- Stayed at a lovely little B&B ..where I yet again managed to be the most obnoxious person in the room. Have you ever heard of a personality chameleon? Hi,  I am one. In this particular situation- there was a couple from the DC area, the woman (who was delightful) was just as hyper as me after a great workout and 4 cups of coffee (did I mention that she was delightful?)  So of course, being the personality chamerleon that I am- I matched her level of “awesomeness”…which resulted in 2 very hyper and chatty woman in a room full of people just trying to eat their soufflé  and plan their wine route maps.
Anyways… on to the Good stuff- WINE.
After the previous afternoon, I decided to tone it down a bit on the wine enthusism. I was trying to find my IshouldHaveLivedonTheWestCoastVibe, mellow Anna if you will.
We get to the first Vineyard and it was beautiful, up on a hill, garden…great wine…awesome. We are finishing up our tasting when a tall older man approached us and asks if we want to see the “secret garden”. Never one to shy away at strange men (kidding…) we follow him through the garden where he unlocked a beautiful wrought iron gate and led us through a path of  a thousand primrose to a beautiful secret garden, overlooking Napa Valley.  He introduced himself as Xavier, he was a Pomo Medicine Man called Moon Glow who served in Vietnam, built million dollar gardens for Arabian royalty and honored his wife who had passed by planting Thyme and Rosemary  in his gardens (bestow my heart!) In a nutshell- Moon Glow was one in a million.
He spent about an hour and a half with us. Showing us tricks with local herbs and flowers in his garden, talking about his life and life’s lessons and then he led us to the mile long vineyard cellars- barrels and barrels of wine…simply amazing.
We left feeling in love with our partners and wanting to study the holistic powers of botany..and of course drink more wine.
Days later, we’re still not sure if he was real or if he was a figment of our imagination.
So, if you ever go to Napa- ask around for Moon Glow, you will not be disappointed
*                                           *                                           *                                           *
On Wednesday we made our way south the magical land of Big Sur…have you ever been to Big Sur? If not, please, PLEASE add it to your bucket list. 25miles of route 1, where the Redwoods, Mountains and Pacific mash together for what is probably one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever experienced.
And there, I found my IshouldHaveLivedonTheWestCoast self.

…and so did BabyDaddy 😉

Big Sur was 2 1/2 days of Monarch Butterflies, Beaches, leg killing treks, camping with skunks, good laughs, tears, big reliefs, amazing views, Redwood trees and 1am hot springs.


*                                           *                                           *                                           *
That’s all. For now.

2 thoughts on “WestCoastBliss..and some movies.

  1. We met MoonGlow today. We went to Rombauer Winery and walked the garden trail. I wen through the iron gate….we got to the end and there he was. Told us his stories for approx 30 min and sharing his roses. Found your blog post when googling trying to find something on him. After you leave….he does seem like figment of your imagination!


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