It takes a village, a cultural one.

I am in the midst of returning to work, part time. I know, I know-my first breakthrough blog post was centered around my ability to be “OK” with not working. Yes, I may be having a quarter life crisis.

It just sort of happened. A job/situation that seems to be just perfect for me, for this moment in my life.  And that’s what it would have to be for me to give up this full time, stay at home mom gig. Great organization, great oppurtunity that will keep me in ‘the game’. I had to do it.

Which leads me to this rant/need to share my thoughts to the general public-

I need to find a part time Nanny.

It doesn’t sound like the hardest thing in the world, right? For me, it kinda is.

The majority of Nanny’s that I have spoken with thus far, are either young female immigrants, straight off the boat (my Dad’s a straight off the boat immigrant- i can say that) who have pulled at my culturally sensitive hippy heart strings with stories about sending money home to their families…


The slightly older female immigrants who have been here for 10+ years and are still living a very tough life and desperately need that extra $2 an hour above what you can actually afford to pay them…(did I mention I do non-profit work?)

So here’s where the guilt comes into play- I have it so freaking easy compared to these women. I have an unpublished blog post about ‘The Destruction of the Stay at Home Mama”..written after a really tough day with my babes. Even though those tough days can leave me crying in the bathroom with a bottle of wine (kidding….)  I am with my babies all day, I kiss them, feed them, watch them, make sure they are happy (most of the time) and safe.  Many of the woman I’ve interviewed, who spend their days watching other peoples children, usually the same age as their own, don’t get to see their babies until 7-8pm. That’s when mine go to bed! One woman’s 3 year old is in daycare from 6:30am to 7pm and her 8 year old was at that same daycare at 6:30am, then took the bus to school and then went to some after school program until 7pm.  I don’t even wanna know how much that is costing her. And that’s just the beginning of the tough stories I’ve heard!

Whatever happened to the whole, “it takes a village” concept? I’m into it. How about I go to work, Nanda from Ghanna and Grace from Guatamala can come to my house, watch my kids, their kids and their neighbor’s Felipe’s kids while he works as a Cleaning man for $9 an hour, all local Mama’s can drop off their kids for a few hours here and there and pay a small fee to be paid towards the cleaning lady fund and for Nanda and Grace…everyone wins. I think I’m on to something here…



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