How far would you drive for a “Night Out”?

30 min?

2 hours?


No, too far?

Not for this lady!  I/me and my BabyDaddy have been known to drive 6+ hours for an event. I like to think that makes us loyal friends, social mavens and a very VERY fun couple. On the flip side, It could/probably means that we are crazy, prone to stress and are trying, perhaps a bit too hard to maintain our old social life. Whatever the reason, it’s us and we tend to do things of this nature- a lot.

This past Saturday we left our babes (in more than capable hands- thank you H!) and drove 4+ hours up to the Big Apple to celebrate my BabyDaddy’s upcoming Birthday. After spending FIVE HOURS drinking and catching up with friends at the classy joint Lederhosen, Mama.was.feelin.it. We leave with high hopes of finding a Karaoke Bar with room for our animated group…of course, it was 30 degrees and the wind was blowing in every direction, which, in NY means- you’ll never find a taxi.  To regroup, we ran inside a bar, which ended up being an even classier joint (really only 2 stars?! shocker.) Really, it was nothing less than HILLARIOUS.  After serenades from drag-like-wenches and a bit of a tussle with magician (?) we decide to continue our quest for Karaoke. At this point, it goes without saying, it was each man/woman for themself…my clan is the first to find a taxi, we hope in with Birthday boy who subsequently jumps out of the cab and goes rogue. That leaves me and 2 male friends in the cab en route to Karaoke (on the other side of the island, good luck Honey!) At this point my stomach is really feeling kinda yucky….maybe it’s the 5 hours of Spaten , the 3 pretzels, spatzle and Brats, maybe it’s the fact that some people were smoking cigarets and i could smell the smoke…whatever it was, Mama.was.feelin.it. We get out of the taxi, I’m trying to regroup, breath in the fresh NY air. When I pollitely ask my baby daddy’s friend to hold my purse,

while i upchuck in a trashcan

on the street corner


I know




<please don’t call child services>


While I’m upchucking. in the trashcan.on the street corner. I remember the last time that I upchucked.in a trash can. on the street corner. I was about 7 months pregnant and had just inhaled a burger, shake AND frenchfries from the ShakeShack. I made it about a block and then. BOOM.gone.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe, just maybe…that my ability to keep things down has been shot since pregnancy. That sounds about right, right? I mean 2 pregnancies, each with about 9 months of upchucking. It makes sense.

So you see, It wasn’t the spaten, the brats OR the sketch cocktail at jekyll and hide’s…it was just BIOLOGY.evolution of a woman if you will.



All in all, FABULOUS 24 hour adventure in our beloved city with our fabulous friends…and yes, Birthday BabyDaddy did miraculously find his way to us. And YES, we felt horrible the next day. Well worth the drive, as per usual.



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